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Playing Catch Up… & An Announcement!

I have been so busy lately that I’ve been slacking on what I love most… just writing. I have decided I’ve become involved in too many things. I get asked to do a lot of things and I seem to say yes to all of them and suddenly I realized I don’t have time for anything, let alone everything. 

So on my way to NYC  tomorrow It’s my goal to map out all that I’m currently involved in and decide what is most important and what is not. The blog is the heart and soul of everything I do. It makes me sad that I don’t have the time to write as much as I’d like to. There was a while where I was posting everyday, and I loved that. A lot can happen in a day! Now it’s like I sit down and try to remember what has happened in the last week– which is more than even I can remember. I want to make time to write on a more consistent basis.

Along with figuring out my new agenda on the trip this weekend, I will also be getting my thoughts together for my speech on Monday. I’m speaking on Social Media at WEN (Women’s Entrepreneurial Network) this coming Monday. I’m definitely excited about it, but as Jeff would say I “need to prepare”. He knows I’m a bit really last-minute and he was like “you better not wing it!” haha, don’t you worry ladies, I will be prepared 😉

Now I feel like I need to recap the last 2 months because that’s how long it seems like it’s been since I’ve posted! Colton is officially in his big boy room with a twin bed! I want to do a post on “before and after” pictures of his room, but those pictures are on my old computer and our office is being remodeled right now so I can’t get to them, but will be able to soon- so that post will come later! He’s absolutely LOVES his room. Every time someone comes over that hasn’t seen it, he runs upstairs and points across the loft to his door like he can’t wait to show them and then goes running inside! it’s really cute 🙂

The bed has been quite a change. The kid never sleeps. No, seriously, he could stay up all night if we let him. It’s been a little tricky to get him asleep. Once he’s asleep there are no problems at all, he sleeps great. It’s just keeping him there long enough to fall asleep. We’ve come to the conclusion that we have to lay there and physically hold him down in the bed with our arm across him. I’m not kidding, we have to. He was actually starting to get sick and I think it was because his lack of sleep. Somedays he wouldn’t ever fall asleep for a nap and then end up staying up really late. It was a slight nightmare, so Jeff now lays up there in his bed and practically makes him stay there till he falls asleep.  Hopefully that will get better. When he doesn’t sleep long at night, he falls asleep at random times throughout the day- like at daddy’s tennis match (pictured below)

Other than that, Colt is doing really good. I’ve started buying his fall and winter clothes since it’s definitely getting cooler out. I love fall… I actually love fall, spring, and summer- I just HATE winter. I mean why do we even need winter? yuck. 

Braxton is thriving as well! He is getting so big, I can’t even believe it! He is almost 6 months! Holy moly… where does time go?! He is rolling all over the place and starting to sit up by himself! I mean he is a little wobbly and totally face planted earlier today but he is getting better and better! I just started feeding him baby food this last week. He is doing great though! I want to make my own, at least try it, but I haven’t had time lately– which goes back to prioritizing. So I’m gonna work on that. He has had peas, carrots, and green beans so far!

Jeff and I are also keeping busy but doing great. Jeff actually hasn’t been working quite as much since summer is ending because summer is SO busy for him. So that’s a nice break for him to be off a littler earlier sometimes and be home earlier or go to work later. It’s been nice! He’s been a HUGE help with the boys. He is seriously the best dad ever. He just loves those boys so much, he would literally do anything for them, I love it. Okay– now onto the next bit of news.


This is my last post on “this” website!!! My new Moms In Heels site will be switched over this weekend! It’s been a big work in progress and there are still some changes to be made, things added and changed here and there- but I’m just going to go for it. I’m ready for the change!

So this means the site will be down temporarily while all the servers switch and all the information is downloaded. Of course my web guy, Chris, said this is much different terms — something with the letters DNS — but whatever. Since I mentioned Chris I will take a minute to tell you how great he is. Do you need ANY web help?! If so, Chris Reaper is fantastic! Check him out at ChrisReaper.com he is to thanks for my new site that you will be seeing very soon.

Now for the new site… there will be so much more to do on that site!!!! Let me tell you more about it ::

– There will be a hair page. This page will be called FRINGE. Yes, this page will be written by my amazingly terrific hair stylist Mary. I have known Mary since I was 2 or 3 years old and she has turned into an AMAZING stylist. She has been to Vegas and NYC for opportunities and she is currently working with a company in NYC that does Runway hair! I cannot say enough good things about her. She is the one responsible for my hair too, which I get many compliments on! She currently works at Soto Loft in Perrysburg. (below is a picture of Mary at her latest NYC photo shoot trip. She is the adorable girl in the ponytail making the fan blow the model’s hair the right way!)

– There will also be a fashion page!  This page will be called VOGUE. Another great girl will be writing this page– Nicole. If you don’t know Nicole you will quickly learn to love her, not only for her fashion sense but she has an amazing sense of humor- you will laugh. She is a beautiful girl with a great eye for fashion- she lives and breathes clothes, shoes, jewelry and what’s in style.  I love her for that. Wait till you see her page, you will love it too! (pictured below is Nicole walking the streets of Chicago)

– Upon request, Jeff will also have a page! This page is called THE JEFFREY JOURNAL. No he did not come up with that, I did 😉 But he is going to be able to post whenever he wants, about whatever he wants. His tagline is “this is my chance to get even!” So I can only imagine the fun he is going to have on that page! He said he will complain about how I never turn the stove off or leave the laundry in the washer too long… whatever 😉 no one is perfect!

That is all for now– This might be my longest post ever, it’s a novel, I know. I hope you enjoyed it though, and I can’t wait to come home from NYC and see the new page up! Please check back to see it and let me know your thoughts!! 🙂

I have plenty more ideas for the site, the next pages will be a food page, and a charity page. Those will come later- but I have them all planned out 🙂

Now I need to get some sleep before I get carpal tunnel! (who am I kidding? I could type all night…)

New York City, Graham Bunn, & 46 NYC

Okay I’m writing this super fast because it is currently 7:36 and I have to be at Star 105 at 8am… Yes, I know, I better have magic fingers. Well I obviously didn’t have time to write it all before the radio. Now it’s 9:50am and I’m finishing up.

So here goes!! I got to tweeting one night while I was sitting around doing nothing and I happened to follow Graham Bunn, the hotty from The Bachelorette and Bachelor Pad season 2 Runner Up. So I tweeted him something random and he wrote back a few minutes later.  A few other people joined in by retweeted & quoting the tweets. I told Graham he might as well just call in and talk to me on the radio this week. He said he would do it and sent me his Publicist and PR info.

So from there I e-mail the time and date of the radio and his publicist wrote back and asked if I was going to the big event that Graham’s company 46NYC is throwing in NYC for Pediatric Cancer this Sunday.

(of course a ton of “Bachelor Nation” is going… because they are all friends and I see all the tweets flying around between them about it etc.) Then she says if I am going that we should connect while we are both there (she lives in Cali). I’m thinking “well in that case SIGN ME UP”. Not only do I want to go and help out children with cancer, I want to meet the publicist, and all the other fellow Bachelor people.

I immediately call Allie and when she answers I’m like “sooo I have a random question… what are the chances you would want to go to NYC this weekend?!” She was laughing as I explained the whole story and she definitely wanted to go! She also knows an intern at Marie Claire magazine that is going to come out to the event and hangout with us too!

the view from our hotel

So this weekend we are headed to NYC!! We got a room at the Marriott in the heart of Time Square! (pictured above) — the event is at the Central Park South gate and our hotel is only one mile from there! Our friend Tera has jumped aboard the trip too so now it’s officially a girls weekend in NYC! We can’t wait to go help out an amazing cause and make some great connections.

Wish us luck!

5 Ways To Help [baby Easton Friedel]

Wow… I have been SUCH a blog slacker lately!! Every night I think about how I should go write a post, and my “notes” app in my iPhone is full of things I want to write about, I just keep thinking of a million other things to do! So here I am… FINALLY 🙂

The first thing on my agenda is tell you all how to help baby Easton. For a day or two we were worried for the little guys life, but he pulled through and is still fighting for his precious life. We need a miracle here people. We need all the help we can get for this precious baby boy. The supplies for his bandages alone cost up to $10,000 a month.

1. We have opened an account at Genoa bank in Easton’s name. All branches are accepting donations and every little bit will help this family. [There are branches in Rossford, Genoa, Millbury, Oregon, Maumee, and Elmore] We are also going to use this account to set up a PayPal for those of you who are out of town that want to add to it.


2. The family has also specifically asked for gift cards to use for every day things, stuff for their other 3 boys, food, etc… I would suggest a Visa gift card or any major retail store (Walmart, Target, etc…)


3. We have set up drop off locations for any money or gift cards you would like to donate and drop off. We are looking to add a few more drop off locations but haven’t confirmed them yet, if you know of somewhere that would be willing to be one- let us know and we will share the info!!

Shadow Valley At Central [5400 W Central Ave, Toledo, OH 43615 – (419) 537-0001] Located at the intersection of Central Ave & Reynolds Road. You can walk right in and there will be a box at the front desk for Easton.

TruGrit Concepts [603 Main Street  Genoa, OH 43430 – (419) 855-6107] Stop in and drop off anything you have!


4. A scrapbook. Some friends of ours suggested putting something together that would more personal for the family. Especially if God forbid something happens to Easton, they will want to remember the good moments, his smile, his eyes, his hair, etc… This is a special gift made for those moments.

Scrapbooking will be a community event, held at TruGrit Concepts (address above) THIS WEEK, Monday- Thursday mornings. Molly from TruGrit has generously offered her building to us to spread everything out and get creative and have people come and go as they please!

The scrapbook will be told from Easton’s point of view & pages will be individualized to include everyone involved in his story:

     a). Date of birth (at least 2 pages)
     b). 2 pages for mom
     c). 2 pages for dad
     d). 1 page for each brother (3 pages)
     e). 2 pages for nana and papa
     f). 2 pages for Aunt Summer and Aunt Sara
     g). 1 page for Cousin Amy
     h). 1 page for Easton's facebook page
     i). 1 page for Easton's donation page
     j). 2 pages for hospital staff
     k). 2-4 misc pages for the family to fill in
     l). 2 pages of inspirational Bible verses and inspirational messages
     m). 2 pages of butterflies and EB information....and Butterfly Foundation info


5. Highschool Involvement! We have had one local high school interested in participating and raising money. They are letting all their student pay 5$ to wear sweatpants for a day. All money will go towards the Easton fund! They are also doing a donation campaign at their homecoming football game! We love the community participation so if you have a student or are involved in a school and would like to do something like that, we think the sweatpants idea is awesome because what student doesn’t want to wear their sweats to school!?


OKAY! That’s the list! That is 5 different ways to help, so please start sharing this post with your friends and family and let the giving begin. We are truly trying to change lives here and we have a big opportunity to help. Easton is currently at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital and we have contacted the family to see if there is a time we can bring the donations and everything down personally. We want them to know how much we care. We will be collecting till the end of September and hoping to take everything to Cinci the first week of October.

Let me know if you have any questions ::

Lisa – momsinheels@aol.com or on Facebook or Twitter.

September:: We Need Your Help!

As a lot of you know- Molly, Allie, and I have decided to support a different charity every month. We are hoping to bring help to those around us and really make a difference in these peoples lives.

This month we have decided to focus all of our energy on helping this precious family that we have all been following for the last month. This family is facing something unimaginable, and their lives have been turned upside down since their precious little boy Easton was born. He has 3 healthy older brothers and then Easton was born… with no skin on his limbs.

Here is Easton’s story :

“Baby Easton was born August 23rd, 2012 at Auburn Memorial Hospital and immediately his parents knew something was wrong. He was missing skin on most of his limbs, covered in scary, deep red, open wounds. He came out screaming violently, his weak five-pound, fifteen-ounce body shaking because of the unbearable pain. Auburn Memorial hospital had never seen a case like this so he was transferred to Crouse, where the doctor had only seen 2 in his entire career. Baby Easton was unable to even take a pacifier for comfort because the friction of it against his skin left his lips blistered immediately…so they had to put in a feeding tube and his mom will have to pump instead of nursing him. His pain was eventually controlled with a combination of morphine and Tylenol, and he is on antibiotics to try and prevent infection from his many open wounds. He is getting new blisters from being cleaned after he goes potty…and needs to be medicated to tolerate the pain of cleaning him up. Changing his bandages is also extremely painful and calls for more morphine. The drs are talking about moving him from NY to Cinncinati Children’s hospital. He is the worst case they have ever seen.

He was quickly diagnosed with a severe form of Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB). EB is a rare genetic skin disease (affecting only 1 out of 50,000 births). In this condition, there is a defect in the connective tissue of the skin and mucous membranes that causes the skin to be so fragile that the slightest friction, minor injury, heat, rubbing, or scratching causes severe blistering —inside (such as the mouth, stomach, esophagus) and outside the body. These blisters can cause serious, sometimes fatal problems, when they become infected. The systemic and repetitive nature of the blistering leads to blindness, swallowing and breathing difficulties, scarring, infection, disfigurement, disability and dehydration. Ultimately, such devastating effects can produce a high rate of mortality. In fact, 87% of babies born with one of the more severe forms of EB do not live more than 12 months. There is NO cure for this horrific disease. Sufferers of EB have compared the sores with third-degree burns. They live in unthinkable pain.
With skin as fragile as butterfly wings, EB patients are dubbed “Butterfly Children.” On the outside, physical wounds and limitations brought on by this disorder prevent them from normal daily activities enjoyed by other children. On the inside, their dreams are the same as any child who loves, plays, learns and grows despite the pain and impediment caused by their disease.

The following is what it’s like to be diagnosed with one of the more severe forms of EB:


•a child with painful wounds similar to burns covering most of his or her body.
•having to wrap each tiny little infant finger with Vaseline gauze and then cover it with gauze to prevent the hand from scarring, webbing and contracting.
•never being able to hold your child tight because if you did, their skin would blister or shear off.
•a child who will never know what it’s like to run, skip or jump, or to play games with other children because even the slightest physical contact will injure his or her skin.
•a child who screams out each time it is bathed because the water touching its open wounds creates incredible pain.
•a diet of only liquids or soft foods because blistering and scarring occur in the esophagus.
•an active baby with his knees soaked in blood from the normal act of crawling.
•a teenager with stumps for hands, the affected fingers scarred/healed together.

Easton will require extensive and expensive medical care and supplies his entire life. Many of his medical supplies are not covered by insurance. For example…the bandages alone that he will need to cover his blisters and protect his skin are as much as $10,000 a month and insurance only covers about $1,500 of those.

Easton has three older brothers, Logan, Carter, and Blake, and has two loving parents, Jared and Danielle. One cannot even begin to imagine what the parents must be going through. The shock of his diagnosis; the uncertainy of what his future holds; the heart wrenching pain and feeling of helplessness at seeing their newborn baby hurting and not being able to hold him, nurse him, comfort him, or take away his pain.

Easton’s father works in a factory and doesn’t make much over minimum wage. The factory he works at will be closing within a year and he will be without work unless he transfers with the company across the country from NY to OK. He is taking a week or two off to help his wife as they transition home and learn to care for baby Easton and their 3 other boys. His mom will not be able to work and her days will be dedicated to loving Easton and his 3 brothers, and the arduous and extensive care Easton’s illness will require.

His parents need to concentrate on caring for their fragile baby. I pray we can help relieve some of this financial burden so their sweet boy can have the medical supplies he needs to help ease that pain and try to keep his blistering under control, healing, and uninfected as much as possible.

Please help us in raising money to help save Easton’s life, to make Easton’s days on this Earth as painless as possible, to help his parents enjoy the days they have with their baby without the worry of how they will pay for his care and medical supplies.

I can not stress this enough. EVERY dollar counts. No donation is too small. Please donate what you can and please forward this to everyone you know, post on Facebook, etc.

And lastly, please pray for Easton and his family. For healing. For comfort and peace, no matter what this journey brings.

WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE in Easton’s life. He desperately needs our help.”

An update came earlier today from the Facebook page 
“6pm update. They did an EKG on Easton…he has bacterial endocarditis…infection in his heart. The valves don’t get a lot of blood flow so its hard to clear up but they are hoping the antibiotics work. Even if they do his heart at higher risk for future infections. His dressing change will take place in OR tomorrow…surgery..where they will attempt some sort of skin graft to attempt to control his bleeding on his legs. Risky considering his bleeding issues. Dear God how much more can his little body take :(“
We are working on setting up some drop off locations so people can donate money or gift cards. We definitely want to help this family as much as we can. We are considering going to Cincinnatti to personally give them everything we can collect. Please help us raise some money for them, and if you don’t want to give just straight money buy a gift card so that they can use it towards things they need in everyday life, including things for their other 3 boys.
If you don’t live in town and would like to donate please leave a comment or message me directly at mominheels@aol.com and I will give you an address to send it to.

100 Days Of Real Food, Vegan Muffins, Many Makings, 2 Peas & Their Pod, & More!

Okay so last week on WNWO Moms On The Go we talked about nutrition and different options for our kiddos. I also said I would put all the info and links on the blog, so here we go!!! 🙂

Here are a compiled list of some great sites to get all kinds of ideas, side dishes, desserts, entrees, and even vegan food!

  • First on our list is our Ohio friends, whom we love, Melissa & Casey from Many Makings. These girls love to cook and they do an awesome job of it! Funny how we found out about this blog, Allie found it and called me to tell me about it. We both loved and it upon reading it discovered one of the girls was from Genoa– which is where Molly lives. A quick phone call to Molly discovered she knew Melissa and now this is one of our fav blogs!

Casey (left) Melissa (right)

Chicken in Sun Dried Tomato and Basil Cream Sauce – Many Makings

  • Next on our list is something special for all you Vegans, although I would totally make these, and I am not Vegan 😉 This is a 100% Vegan site called Healthy Happy Life and these are their stellar peanut butter chocolate chip muffins! So make sure to check that site out! Lots of good looking stuff on there!

  • Now we move on to a really cool blog called 100 days of real food. I think this is awesome, her slogan is “1 family, 2 kids, 0 processed foods” She also has a page called Real Food Tips with all kinds of cool information on it 🙂 Props to Lisa (yes, we share the same name) I think what she is doing is awesome. 

  • Last but not least, another really great site — Two Peas & Their Pod. This blog is by Maria and her husband Josh and as their blog says “We share a love of cooking, baking, and entertaining. We enjoy creating recipes that are simple, fresh, and family friendly. Join us in our culinary adventures-our kitchen is always open!” On their Cookbook page is tons of downloadable recipes and e-books on all the food you can imagine 🙂

We hope you will check out these sites and find the right food tips and ideas for you and your family! What you put into your body is important, and although we indulge in junk food here and there, we all try to stay generally healthy too!

Let us know any other favorite sites you use for food and recipes! 

 – Lisa, Allie, & Molly!


WNWO Moms On The Go — Nutrition For Kids & Family Dinners

In case you missed the WNWO segment, we covered family dinners, school nutrition and how Allie is all organic 🙂

Time For An Event– Super Suppers!

Ladies, I’ve been trying to come up with some ways to get everyone together and think of what would be best for everyone and something fun… and I think I’ve finally come up with a few things, with the help of my fabulous blog contributors, Allie Darr and Molly Pearson.

Starting next Friday, September 14th at 6:30pm all of you are invited to Super Suppers in Perrysburg for a fun evening of making great healthy dinners to take home, and having fun mingling and meeting new people. Cassie, the owner of Super Suppers, is really excited to have us and also told us to feel free to bring any wine or beverages we would like. They have an entire area set up like a giant kitchen with menu’s and all the ingredients you need. You will be able to put together whatever meals you want, that way if you want more cheese or no nuts, or whatever — you can have it just how you want it. Then the meals can be taken home, frozen, and baked whenever you want to! So we want to have some fun and promote healthy, quick dinners 🙂 There are also side options and desserts for sale as well.


Each dinner costs 12.50 (which feeds 3-6 I believe) and you can make and take as many as you want!

I hope you are all interested in coming, it will just be a great way to meet new women and have a good time! I did make a Facebook event for it, but couldn’t invite every single person so feel free to join and invite your friends! 

Hope to see all of you local ladies there 🙂 Let me know if you are able to make it!!

Here are some photos of the menu items from August :: they all look so delicious!

President Obama Speaks In Toledo, OH

So as most of you know, since I was tweeting during the event, I went to see Obama at Scott Highschool yesterday in Toledo. My Uncle Erich (yes sir, you are going worldwide right now!) invited me to go because he had gotten tickets earlier and needed a companion since my Aunt couldn’t bear to stand in that long line and in all the heat… we’ll get to that part in a minute. Anyhow, it was convenient that the UAW put on this event and it was held on Labor Day 🙂 They selected all of the UAW workers that wore their “Local 12” shirts and put them in a special seating section next to the President under a giant “Toledo Pride Worldwide” sign (No worries, I took pictures).

Okay let me tell the story by photos, that sounds like more fun.

Not everyone in line had tickets but only those with tickets were guaranteed inside.

This was only a fraction of the line.

Everyone from UAW (United Auto Workers) Local 12 was wearing these shirts. These are the lucky shirts that got you pulled from the line and into a special seating section.

There were vendors everywhere selling lots of unique t-shirts and buttons and everything else… I couldn’t help but ask for a picture 😉

How could I not take a picture of this? If you’re a “mama” and a Democrat I think this is hilarious.

There was also this guy who a lot of people found to be entertaining just based on the fact that the election is in November… not March. But hey, he’s out there doing his part so good for him.

Everywhere you looked there were protesters, and fans… and more protesters.

In case you’ve never seen Scott Highschool, it’s actually pretty amazing.

Of course they had really strict airport-style security. The lady in front of me had to throw away one of her key chains on her keys because it was “suspicious” looking, which it was.


This is just one side of the room! The field house was … HUGE! The crowd was equally enormous. They said 3,100 people attended.


We made it!! Thanks for taking me Uncle Erich!

The Instagram photo I tweeted out during the event 🙂

Toledo Pride, UAW section.

The President of the USA, Barack Obama

One of the press platforms.

Okay well I have a million photos but I feel like you’re already thinking “okay cool… what did he talk about??”  So that’s enough photos for now.

I know you are all also wondering if I’m a democrat or a republican since I went to the Obama event. Well I’d like to say, I vote depending on the people running, not strictly by political party. I will also say however, I would not consider myself a Democrat. Although that doesn’t mean I will, or have always voted Republican. I know… it’s confusing. What I’m trying to say is that I know a lot of Republicans, a lot. And there are a lot of them I would never ever want to be President. I also know quite a few Democrats, and some of them would make fantastic Presidents. It’s like saying everyone in each party has identical views. That’s impossible. Every Jehovah’s Witness, Christian, and Buddhist doesn’t have the same views as the other people in their religion, they all take the core principles and then make their own decisions.

So for me, I like to hear what each person has to say and what all of their views are and then decide. I usually can never agree 100% with any one person. Which is why I would never in a million years EVER want to be President. No thank you. Talk about never being able to make everyone happy… yikes, I’ll pass on that. I know Romney was in town a few months ago, and I’m sure he’ll be back so I do plan on going to that as well. I have never been to anything like this and it was a great experience!

I will say that Obama has a sense of humor though, I found myself laughing a few different times throughout his speech.

If you missed the speech or weren’t able to attend yesterday, here is exactly what happened, courtesy of http://politicsandpolls.com

Before you get that far though, here are few of the “one-liners” Obama used that seem to be going across the internet::

Obama quotes

“Don’t boo, vote.” (referring to whenever he mentioned the name Romney)

(Referring to Romney’s campaign pitch) “It was a rerun.  You might as well have watched it on black-and-white TV, with some rabbit ears on there. It should have been on “Nick at Nite.”

“They call it Obamacare.  It’s true, I care.  It’s true. I guess the other side’s plan is the “Romney Doesn’t Care” plan.”

“If you’re not registered to vote, then you’ve got to go to GottaRegister.com.  Now, that’s not “GotToRegister.com.”  This is “gotta” — G-o-t-t-a-Register.com”

“If you want to find out how to vote early, starting on October 2nd, then you need to go to GottaVote.com.  That’s not “GotToVote.com,” that’s “gotta vote”. GottaRegister, GottaVote — because we’ve got a whole lot of more work to do.”

“And if we win Toledo, we will win Ohio.  And if we win Ohio, we’ll win this election.”


Now for the real deal :: Enjoy!

12:30 P.M. EDT

THE PRESIDENT:  Hello, Toledo!  (Applause.)  Thank you, thank you.  It is good to be in Toledo, Ohio.  (Applause.)

AUDIENCE:  Obama!  Obama!  Obama!

THE PRESIDENT:  Thank you so much.  Now, first of all, I’ve got to say thank you for Kenyatta, for that outstanding introduction.  Give Kenyatta a big round of applause.  (Applause.)  I was listening backstage and I thought I heard a little preaching going on there.  (Laughter.)  Folks in the crowd were going “yeah”, “wow.”  (Laughter.)  So Kenyatta can talk — no doubt about it.

It is great to see so many good friends –

AUDIENCE:  We love you!

THE PRESIDENT:  I love you back.  (Applause.)  It’s great to see so many good friends who work so hard on behalf of working families every day.  We’ve got Sherrod Brown — (applause) — one of the best senators in the country.  Marcy Kaptur, one of the best congresswomen in the country.  (Applause.)  We’ve got my friend and your friend, daughter of a Teamster, our Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis in the house.  (Applause.)  We’ve got your outstanding UAW President Bob King in the house.  (Applause.)  President of the AFL-CIO, Rich Trumka, is here.  (Applause.)  And the President of the National Education Association, Dennis van Roekel.  (Applause.)

So we’ve got some working people in the house here.  (Applause.)  And to everybody who is working hard each and every day, Happy Labor Day.  (Applause.)  Happy Labor Day.

AUDIENCE MEMBER:  We got your back, Obama.

THE PRESIDENT:  Thank you.  (Applause.)  Now, for those of you who have got a seat, feel free to take a seat.  I’ve got some things to say.  I’ve got some things to say here.  For those of you who don’t have a seat, make sure to bend your knees a little bit.  We don’t want you fainting.  Sometimes, folks are standing too long — they drop off.  (Laughter.)

Now, we’re on our way to our convention in Charlotte this week.  (Applause.)  But I wanted to stop here in Toledo to spend this day with you — (applause) — a day that belongs to the working men and women of America — teachers and factory workers, construction workers and students and families and small business owners.  And I know we’ve got some proud autoworkers in the house helping to bring Toledo back.  (Applause.)

After all, it’s working folks like you who fought for jobs and opportunity for generations of American workers.  It’s working people like you who helped to lay the cornerstones of middle-class security, things that people now sometimes take for granted, but weren’t always there — the 40-hour workweek, weekends, paid leave, pensions, the minimum wage, health care, Social Security, Medicare.  Those things happened because working people organized and mobilized.

It is unions like yours that helped to forge the basic bargain of this country — the bargain that built the greatest middle class and the most prosperous country and the most prosperous economy that the world has ever known.  (Applause.)

And you know what that bargain is, because it’s a simple one.  It’s a bargain that says if you work hard, if you’re responsible, then your work should be rewarded.  (Applause.)  That if you put in enough effort, you should be able to find a job that pays the bills.  You should afford a home to call your own.  That you’ll have health care you can count on if you get sick.  That you can put away enough to retire, maybe take a vacation once in a while — nothing fancy, but you can enjoy your friends and your family.  And, most importantly, that you can provide your children with an education to make sure that they do even better than you did.  (Applause.)

It’s an American promise that says no matter who you are, no matter what you look like, no matter where you come from, no matter what your last name is, no matter who you love, you can make it here if you try.  (Applause.)  And that’s what we’re fighting for, Toledo.  That’s what’s at stake in this election.  And that’s why I’m running for a second term as President of the United States of America.  (Applause.)

Now, last week, the other party gave their sales pitch at their convention down in Florida.


THE PRESIDENT:  Don’t boo, vote.  (Laughter and applause.)  Vote.  And I have to say, it was something to see.  Despite all the challenges that we face in this new century, we saw three straight days of an agenda out of the last century.  It was a rerun.  You might as well have watched it on black-and-white TV, with some rabbit ears on there.  (Laughter and applause.)  It should have been on “Nick at Nite.”  (Laughter.)

Now, if you didn’t DVR it, let me give you a basic recap of what they said.  The economy is bad.  It’s all Obama’s fault.  And Governor Romney has the secret to creating jobs and growing the economy.  That’s a basic summary.  They spent the most time on me.  (Laughter.)  They were talking about me.  (Laughter.)

And there was a lot of “hard truths” and “bold choices,” they said, but nobody ever bothered to tell you what they really were.  And when Governor Romney had his chance to let you in on the secret sauce of job creation — (laughter) — he did not offer you a single new idea.  It was just a retread of the same old policies that have been sticking it to the middle class for years.  (Applause.)

And then, after the convention, Governor Romney came here to Ohio, and he said he’s going to be the coach that leads America to a “winning season.”  The problem is everybody has already seen his economic playbook.  We know what’s in it.

On 1st down, he hikes taxes by nearly $ 2,000 on the average family with kids in order to pay for a massive tax cut for multi-millionaires.  That’s on 1st down.  It sounds like unnecessary roughness to me.  (Laughter and applause.)

On 2nd down, he calls an audible, and undoes reforms that are there to prevent another financial crisis and bank bailout.  He wants to get rid of rules that are there to protect our air and our water, and workers’ rights, and protections to make sure health care is there for you when you get sick.

And then, on 3rd down, he calls for a Hail Mary — ending Medicare as we know it by giving seniors a voucher that leaves them to pay any additional cost out of their pocket.  There’s a flag on the play — loss of up to an additional $ 6,400 a year for the same benefits you get now.

That’s their playbook.  That’s their economic plan.  And I’ve got one piece of advice for you about the Romney/Ryan game plan, Ohio: Punt it away!  (Applause.)  It won’t work.  It won’t win the game.  You don’t need that coach.  That’s a losing season.

Now, there was one person at Governor Romney’s convention last week who wasn’t entirely on script.  (Laughter.)


THE PRESIDENT:  No, no — because while they were busy telling folks how bad everything is, your Governor, John Kasich –


THE PRESIDENT:  Don’t boo –

AUDIENCE:  Vote!  (Laughter and applause.)

THE PRESIDENT:  John Kasich stood up there and told everybody that Ohio is now number one in the Midwest in job creation, fourth best in America — which got folks kind of confused, because if it’s all Obama’s fault and nothing is going right, what’s going on in Ohio?  (Applause.)

Now, I guess the theory was that it’s all the Governor’s doing.  But I think we need to refresh his memory — because a lot of those jobs are autoworker jobs like yours.  (Applause.)  The American auto industry supports one in eight jobs in this state.  And just a few years ago, when the auto industry was flat-lining, what was in his and Governor Romney’s playbook?  “Let Detroit go bankrupt.”  You remember that?


THE PRESIDENT:  Now, think about what that would have meant not just for Ohio but for America.  If we had turned our backs on you, if America had thrown in the towel like that, GM and Chrysler wouldn’t exist today.  The suppliers and the distributors that get their business from these companies would have died off, too.  Then even Ford could have gone down as well.  Production: shut down.  Factories: shuttered.  Once proud companies chopped up and sold off in scraps.  And all of you — the men and women who built these companies with your own hands — you would have been benched for good.  That’s not a good play.  We didn’t run that play.

More than one million Americans across the country would have lost their jobs in the middle of the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression.  In communities across the Midwest, it would have been another Great Depression.  And it’s not just the workers themselves; think about everybody who depends on you — schoolteachers, small business owners, the server in the diner who knows your order before you walk in, the bartender who knows your order before you walk in.  (Applause.)  Their livelihoods were at stake as well, and so was something else.

How many autoworkers here worked the assembly line, but your dads and your granddads, maybe your mom, grandmas worked on that same line?  How many people are second or third or fourth generation?  How many of you have sons and daughters who hope to work on those same assembly lines?  (Applause.)

These jobs are worth more than just a paycheck.  They’re a source of pride.  They’re a ticket into a middle-class life.  These companies are worth more than just the cars that they build.  They’re a symbol of America’s innovation.  They’re a source of our manufacturing might.  If that is not worth fighting for, then what is?

Ohio, we’re not about to take a knee and do nothing.  We weren’t going to give up on your jobs and your families and your communities.  We weren’t going to let Detroit go bankrupt, or Lordstown go bankrupt, or Toledo go bankrupt.  I stood with American workers.  I stood with American manufacturing.  I believed in you.  I bet on you.  (Applause.)  I’ll make that bet any day of the week.  And because of that bet, three years later, that bet is paying off for America.  (Applause.)  Three years later, the American auto industry has come roaring back –nearly 250,000 new jobs.

So it’s a little funny watching Governor Romney and Governor Kasich and others just try to rewrite history now that you’re back on your feet.  These are the folks who said if we went forward with our plan, then — I’m quoting here — “you can kiss the American automotive industry goodbye.”  Now they’re saying it was their idea all along.  (Laughter.)  Seriously.  Or what they’re saying is, well, the problem is that you, the workers, made out like bandits in this whole thing; that we did what we did because it was all about paying back unions.  Really?  I mean, even by the standards of political campaigns, that’s a lot of you know what.

Workers made some of the biggest sacrifices.  About 700,000 retirees saw a reduction in the health benefits they had earned.  Hours were reduced, pay and wages scaled back.  You gave up promises made to you over the years for the sake and the survival of your fellow workers and their families and the company.  You made sacrifices.  (Applause.)  Which is why I don’t understand why these folks have the nerve to talk about you like you’re some greedy special interest that needs to be beaten down.

After all that unions have done to build and protect the middle class, they were standing up there at their convention saying you’re responsible for the problems we face.  Their plan says the best way to help workers is to roll back workers’ rights; to overturn laws that make sure construction workers get a fair wage; to blame teachers and firefighters and police officers and other public servants for our economic challenges  — instead of what happened on Wall Street and a historic financial collapse.

So, Toledo, what you need to know is this: When they’re trying to take your collective bargaining rights away, when they’re trying to pass so-called “right to work” laws that really mean right to work for less and less, you should know this isn’t about economics.  This is about politics.

This notion that we should have let the auto industry die and that we should pursue anti-worker policies in the hopes that unions like yours will unravel — it’s part of the same old you’re-on-your-own, top-down philosophy that says we should just leave everybody to fend for themselves.

Now, on Thursday night, I’m going to offer you what I believe is a better path forward — (applause) — a path that’s going to grow this economy and create more good jobs, and strengthen the middle class.  (Applause.)  And the good news is, starting on October 2nd, Ohio gets its say because you get to vote early.  (Applause.)  You can choose which path we take.  You could choose their plan.


THE PRESIDENT:  Don’t boo.


THE PRESIDENT:  You can choose to give massive new tax cuts to folks who have already made it.  Or you can choose my plan — to keep taxes low for every American who is in the middle class and every American who is striving to get into that middle class.  (Applause.)

Four years ago, I promised to cut taxes by a total — for middle-class families, and I have cut taxes by a total of about $ 3,600 for the typical family.  (Applause.)  And now I’m running to make sure that taxes aren’t raised a single dime on the first $ 250,000 of any family’s income.  Now, that’s 98 percent of Americans.  It may be 99.9 percent of this auditorium.  (Applause.)  Your taxes won’t go up, because my belief is you need relief.  I don’t need relief.  Mitt Romney doesn’t need relief.  He needs it less than me.  (Laughter.)

But that’s a choice in this election.  You can choose whether we give up new jobs and new industries to countries like China, or whether we fight to keep those jobs in states like Ohio.  (Applause.)  Unlike my opponent, I want to stop giving tax breaks to companies that are shipping jobs overseas.  I want to give those tax breaks to companies that are investing right here in Toledo, right here in the United States — all across Ohio, all across the Midwest.  (Applause.)

You can decide whether borrowing money from your parents is an answer when a young person asks how they’re going to go to college.  You heard about that, right?  This young college student says, how can I get some help going to college?  He says, well, you need to borrow money from your parents.  (Laughter.)  Now, I guess that’s one path.  That’s one approach.

I’ve got a different approach that says let’s make sure Americans once again lead the world in educating our kids and training our workers for the jobs of tomorrow.  (Applause.)  And that means let’s hire more great teachers, especially in math and science.  Let’s help more folks go to community colleges to get trained in the skills that employers are hiring for right now.  (Applause.)  Because the truth is, some sort of higher education, whether it’s four-year or a two-year technical school — some form of higher education — that’s not a luxury anymore.  That is an economic necessity that every family should be able to afford.  And that’s what I’m going to be fighting for.  (Applause.)  That’s what I’m going to be fighting for.  (Applause.)

Now, Ohio, you can choose an energy plan like the other guy is offering that’s written by and for the oil companies.  Or you can choose an all-of-the-above strategy for American energy, which means we drill for more oil, we mine for more coal.  But it also means that we’re going after the new energy sources of the future.

Now, my opponent said renewable energy sources are “imaginary.”  The folks here in Toledo manufacturing solar panels might disagree with that.  (Applause.)  These jobs aren’t a “fad” — they’re not imaginary.  They’re our future.  And unlike my opponent, I want to stop giving a $ 4 billion-a-year taxpayer subsidy to big oil companies that are making money every time you go to the pump, and I want to use that money to invest in homegrown energy sources that have never been more promising and are creating jobs right here in Ohio.  (Applause.)

It’s up to you whether we go back to the old health care system that let insurance companies decide when to cover you and when to cover you, and drop you when you needed it most.  But I think we should keep moving forward with the new health care law that’s already cutting costs and covering more people and saving lives.  They call it Obamacare.  It’s true, I care.  It’s true.  (Applause.)

I guess the other side’s plan is the “Romney Doesn’t Care” plan.  (Laughter.)  But now is not the time to refight the battles of the last four years.  We need to move forward.

You get to decide what the future of the war in Afghanistan is.  Last week, did you notice Governor Romney did not say a word about our troops who are in harm’s way over there?  And because of my plan, 33,000 of them will have come home by the end of this month.  (Applause.)

He said ending the war in Iraq was “tragic.”  I think it was the right thing to do.  I said we’d end that war — and we did.  (Applause.)  I said we’d go after al Qaeda — we did.  (Applause.)  I said we’d take out bin Laden — we did.  (Applause.)

Our troops are out of Iraq.  We’re bringing them home from Afghanistan.  And as long as I’m Commander-in-Chief, we will serve our veterans as well as they’ve served us, because nobody who fights for this country should have to fight for a job or a roof over their heads when they come home.  That’s why I’m running for a second term.  (Applause.)

So we’ve got some big choices we’ve got to make.  And the other side is going to spend the next two months — they’re fighting back with everything they’ve got.  They’re going to give you an avalanche of attack ads and insults and distraction.  And they may massage the truth a little bit.  And it will be supported with $ 10 million checks from wealthy donors.  And they know that even if you don’t buy into their plan, even if you don’t vote for them, they’re thinking, well, maybe we’ll discourage people.  We’ll get folks so disillusioned by all these negative ads, all this negativity, that you’ll just decide to sit this one out.


THE PRESIDENT:  But you know what, I’m counting on something different.  I’m counting on you.  (Applause.)  I’m counting on you.  If you’re not registered to vote, then you’ve got to go to GottaRegister.com.  Now, that’s not “GotToRegister.com.”  This is “gotta” — G-o-t-t-a-Register.com  (Applause.)

If you want to find out how to vote early, starting on October 2nd, then you need to go to GottaVote.com.  That’s not “GotToVote.com,” that’s “gotta vote” — (laughter) — GottaRegister, GottaVote — because we’ve got a whole lot of more work to do.  (Applause.)

We’ve got more good jobs to create.  We’ve got more good cars to build.  We’ve got more schools to upgrade, and more great teachers to hire, and more young people to send to college.  (Applause.)  And we’ve got more troops we’ve got to bring home and more veterans we’ve got to take care of, and more doors of opportunity that we’ve got to open up for everybody who is willing to walk through them.  That’s what’s at stake in this election.  That’s why I’m asking for your vote.  (Applause.)

That’s why I need you to knock on doors.  That’s why I need you to get on the phone.  (Applause.)  I need you to talk to your friends.  I need you to talk to your neighbors.  I need you to stand with me, Ohio.  (Applause.)  And if we win Toledo, we will win Ohio.  And if we win Ohio, we’ll win this election.  (Applause.)  And if we win this election, we will finish what we started, and we will remind the world why the United States of America is the greatest nation on Earth.

Thank you.  God bless you.  And God bless America.  (Applause.)

A Personal Story… For All Moms

This post was written by someone who is quickly becoming a good friend of mine, she is a fantastic person and has some of the cutest little girls you’ve ever seen 😉 She is also a former teacher and the inventor and owner of Backpack Learning. Here is Tiffany’s story:


“I originally planned on writing this blog to discuss snack policies in school and then the more I thought about it, I decided it was my turn to write about my personal story with an allergy kid.  As tears start to well, I am ready to really tell the story…

Last summer was the summer from you know where! My three year old daughter was a roller coaster mess filled with all sorts of emotions. She went from happy-happy and having the best day of her life, to completely horrible and having the worst possible moment of her life.  This emotionally filled ride went on for months and months.  I was a complete mess myself because I could not figure out how to get her off the ride.

Just to share a bit, when she was down, she was way down.  I called these moments when she saw only RED.  My little peanut would explode with anger and violence towards the ones she loved (mostly me and the dog). She hit, spit, kicked and screamed without any reprieve.  Quite often she was throwing herself onto the floor as well.  It was as if she couldn’t stand her own skin.  I could see her tense and shake and almost convulse with anger.  There was nothing I could do. I could not talk to her, hold her, interact with her at all.  These types of episodes would go on for 10-20 minutes many times throughout the day. Each one ended with her flopping down and needing hugs, lots of hugs and completely exhausted. Most often she would crash and cuddle up in my lap for awhile afterwards.  I knew when she sobbed and asked for a hug, it was over…for the time being. 

After I could not take it any longer and was racking my brain for all options of discipline, I started researching every possibility.  I started with ADHD and the research snowballed from there.  She is not by any means ADHD and it took about one article to figure that out.  However, during my reading of multiple websites and books, I came across diet as an option. I thought no way, I am very particular about what my children eat and she consumes pretty healthy food most of time.  I do also have to credit a friend who heard my many complaints and consoled me often during these RED moments. She advised me to look further into diet as well, which I admit changed my mind toward the subject.  Many thanks to her, she knows who she is. 

Ok, so diet?! I started to realize that artificial food coloring is toxic, at least to my three year old.  Literally dyes such as, red 40, yellow 5&6, blue 1 & 2, are in A LOT of our foods and can be very hard on our systems. So I gave the no artificial coloring a try. I eliminated it in all of her foods and got my husband on board to at least give it a try…we were not fully convinced but we were willing to try.

WOW, wow, wow!!!!!! It wasn’t but 2-3 days without coloring and she was a whole new kid. We actually went 2-3 days without any explosions, now don’t get me wrong she was a toddler and had fits, but boy were those good fits. I could talk to her and calm her down in like a half a minute.  Miracle…my child was saved and so was I. 

We are one year dye free to this exact day and life is great, most of the time. My now four year old is very sensitive and an emotional kid, who experiences lots of peaks throughout the day, but we are working on teaching her that not everything is black and white, there is some grey, but her highs and low are nothing compared to last summer! Phew!!!!!

Just as a heads up artificial dyes are found in some breads, crackers, and lots of the snacks out there on the grocery store shelves. Of course dyes are in fruit snacks, candy, and lots of juices. However, did you know that artificial coloring is found in marshmallows? Pickels? Cool whip? Soft serve ice cream? And many cake mixes? Most likely a chocolate cake from the grocery store bakery has red in it to make it look even darker and richer in color. Even some red meats add extra red for that real juicy look.  Yum!!!!! Remember, not all of these things do, it depends on the brands and the stores.  There are truly good and tasty things out there without the dyes, it just takes a few moments to look for them.  If this is something you are thinking of doing, good luck on your search it is quiet a tasty one!

If you have any questions about food coloring allergies (intolerances actually) feel free to contact me at backpacklearning@ymail.com and also, if there is anyone who would like to share a similar story, please do.”


I Feel Inspired!

I opened up this page to write a post and then closed it and decided I wasn’t in the mood to write anything. Of course then I got side tracked, like always, on Google, Pinterest, and other random websites when I came across a few things definitely worth posting. So here are my random finds that are actually pretty interesting and now I’m in the mood to write 😉

This actually really caught my interest. Make up is an amazing product, well that and Photoshop. Put those two together and you have a whole new person! These are major supermodels before and after make up and photoshop. The first girl on the left is Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. That “before”photo was actually taken backstage at Fashion Week! Adriana Lima is the girl in the middle, a Victoria’s Secret angel, showing her makeup-less face at a Louis Vuitton cast photo op. The last girl on the far right is another Victoria’s Secret Angel, Alessandra Ambrosio. This “before” picture was taken back stage at a Louis Vuitton Runway Show!

Below are a few more makeup-less “big name” models to share with you… it’s really just incredible to see the difference. It also makes all of us “normal” girls feel better 😉

Yes, that is Heidi Klum. This “before” picture was taken by a paparazzo while she was out running errands. I can’t even believe the difference here. Amazing.

Next, we have one of the hottest women in the whole world (if you ask any guy at least) – Bar Refaeli.

I know… wow!

Okay, enough of the model transformations 😉 But hey, they were interesting right?? I was like “wow, maybe I don’t look so bad in the morning!” So next time you hear someone say they want to look like a model— just remember, anyone can look like a model with professional people to do their hair and makeup!!


The next thing I found was honestly just a good reminder to be yourself, no matter what ::

I just find Dr. Seuss to be so wise 😉 I love these quotes and I love the real meaning behind them.

#1 – I have learned that being ME is what makes “me” a success. When I try to be too much like someone else is when I fail. People like YOU for a reason, stay true to that. 

#2. Never just try to fit in, this also goes back to being yourself. It’s okay to be different 😉

#3. Don’t ever limit yourself. You really can do anything you put your mind to. If you want something, DO IT! I’m so glad I have realized this, it has helped me make Moms In Heels a success and helped me realize what I really love doing in life, which is exactly this! If I want something to happen, I have to go make it happen, otherwise– I’d still be sitting here talking about it.

#4. If someone is bothering you, tell them. If you’re bothered by something, say it. Don’t try to hold something back, & don’t be vague you’ll regret it later. Just make sure you go about these things in the mature, adult way (not on your social media sites!). Real face- to- face conversations or phone calls or e-mails or something, these things don’t always need to be made public.

#5. Try to make a difference everyday! Take the extra minute to help someone out, hold a door open, give to a charity, or even just a kind word really makes a difference, you never know what kind of day the other person is having.


Well, who knew I would feel so inspired to write after just a few minutes browsing the web?? I must say, this is one of my favorite posts too! Please share it and let other people be inspired and reminded of the little things.

Have a great weekend!! — Lisa